Keep Travelling While Staying Away from COVID-19

Spectacular view of Toronto Waterfront Yacht Club

The last couple of months showed us all that COVID-19 is a harsh reality that severely affects every walk of life. Travel is one of them. Grounded airplanes and deserted airport terminals worldwide are striking and powerful testaments of this extraordinary period, you will probably remember for the years and even decades to come. Yet, human beings are highly adaptable to changing societal, economic and climatic circumstances. We do not know how much longer COVID-19 will affect our lives. But, life must go on, and we all want to live our lives fully to a possible extent.

Following the weeks of massive lockdown in late March and April, people slowly started to go out. Restaurants and bars in Ontario and Canada gradually opened. Region by region, step by step, our journey to the normal is continuing. We still have a long way to go. We still have to wear masks, maintain social distancing, wash and sanitize our hands. We must not forget that COVID-19 is still with us.

While bearing this fact in mind, we can enjoy travelling. Have a look at our Road Trips. You can join one of these tours with your vehicle, or reserve a private tour where we will provide a cleaned and sanitized vehicle for you and family or your friends and with hygiene and social distancing at every step.

Our multi-day trips allow you to join an adventure within the comfort and convenience of your vehicle. You will be part of the group connected to your tour guide and other guests via a dedicated Whatsapp group. We carefully planned every step to consider social distancing and other safety measures. At every stop, you will get valuable information and recommendations from your guide while feeling comfortable. We will serve your meals (the ones included in the itinerary), either as boxed or visit a restaurant that fully conforms with the COVID-19 regulations of Ontario and Quebec.

Our Multi-Day Tours in Ontario & Quebec

Until COVID-19, you probably travelled to more distant destinations with several hours of flying and significant time spent at the airports. Now, be ready to experience a different style: Your journey will begin as soon as you leave home. Check out these amazing, carefully-planned Ontario and Quebec tours:

Our Day Trips in Ontario

You will be pleasantly surprised to see how much you can see and discover even on a single day. The three options below are great trips that end at your home on the same day without accommodation:

Please contact us for more information. We are looking forward to better days where COVID-19 turns a bad memory of a distancing past.

Travelling is good. You will feel detached from the daily stress of COVID-19. You will have more freedom. You will feel good.

Keep travelling with us.

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